Saturday, November 29, 2008

its been some time

I am super busy at the moment.

I'm everywhere and i'm getting tired.

and i'm late.

goat eeee here

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not Enough.

One question. Where is this picture taken?


Of coure not. It's in Melaka. Haha.

The amazing thing was,they do have double decker buses. The thing behind the building is similar to London Eye which is called Eye on Malaysia. The buildings were built during the British or Protugese colonization times ( i think, i'm a bit stupid in terms of Malaysian History) The chinese guy in front can be a British chap or Malaysian Leng Lui (or is it?) . Who knows? I didn't manage to interview him.

I just loved the combination, reminds me of London :)

We arrived around 4'ish after driving around looking for the hotel. We stayed in The Avillion Legacy (the bed was a bit hard, i think) at Jalan Hang Tuah and noticed a few things about Melaka:

- Most of the roads are one way, once you screwed up by missing the correct road you have to spend extra on your petrol to make a huge u turn.

- It is a roundabout town, whenever we try to go to the other end, we end up going to the same place again.

- Melaka peeps love to press their car horns. No, not to say hi but to politely ask us to get the hell out of the road! (hey! my car's registrated number starts with M! i'm practically from Melaka! pbbhhtt!!~)

-They love to have straight roads with 4 lanes and out all of sudden, the roads are split into 2! the far left is to go left and the remaining 3 lanes are for heading to the right!

- It's kinda hard to look for Malay food. or maybe i dont survey a lot of places.

- It a bad traffic even tough it is 11.30 at night! fuh!

what else. have to think first maybe i'll continue later.

I love love love this place called Cheng Ho Tea House. it is located at the back of the streets, where when you enter it looks like a door to the other world!

When you enter the door, the path is surrounded with money tree leaves (as what being told by the owner). The owner planted it 10 years ago and look how they've grown!


So we went in and was greeted by a 300 years old well. The one Cheng Ho used when he stayed there. That place was Cheng Ho's storage place when he arrived in Melaka decades ago.
The tea house was at the back of the place so we passed by the Cheng Ho museum and some valuable artifacts. Historical!
The place was lovely. You can actually feel the historical ambience right after you stepped in. They tea house, hence the name, sells tea. They gave us a menu of types of tea and we chose Jasmine Tea because i know the smell of Jasmine Tea makes you relaxed :). On the table, there was a set of tea, not the usual one, it comes with two pots, a wooden box beneath it and small drain cup thing. There also sell a 20 year old tea packet that costs you RM1600! fuh!

We spent 2 1/2 hours just by repeatedly sipping the jasmine tea which is refillable. We also chatted with one of the owners and was told the story of Cheng Ho and what happened to the streets 600 years ago. I just wished that learning Malaysian history could be this interesting.

I have tons of things to tell you but maybe i shall continue later or ask my husband to put in his blog :P

oh ya, we managed to go up to the sky and trying to look for our car with this!

There it is! yeay! (if you know the type and colour of our car of course)

We had fun and we've learned some historical facts as well.

To tell you the truth, i thought Melaka is boring, nothing to see. I did all of the historic tours when i was in school. nothing much plainly blargh.
I guess i was wrong, there are so much to see with so little time to spend. I told my husband, this is the last time i'm going to spend rm10 (with your malaysian id) to go up to the viewing tower or maybe when our children is old enough maybe we should give it a go again :)

Hubby also bought this t shirt from Orangutan shop. Its a gallery + art + tshirt shop by a famous artist, Charles Cham. You should definitely drop by to his shop. Loved the concept.
As what stated in this tshirt, yup no photos please. No photos for his shop. heh

I can't wait for our trip to Phuket on 19th December!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~~