Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogging from Bandung!


we are in Bandung!

It's 9.35pm and we are chilling in our upgraded room. They told us that the deluxe room are all fully booked so they upgraded ours to a room with a personal computer for free! (we purchased our package about a month ago) . They only allow 2 hours of free internet though.

Bandung is superb. We ate Sundanese food and it is super duper delicious! I thought it was a buffet spread but all you need to do is to choose your 'lauk' or the stuff that you want with your rice and they will cook it for you. good stuff.

Can't wait for tomorrow's shopping trip!

Above pic is the hotel's rooftop swimming pool. Geared up earlier to take a dip but they closed early for the water treatment. Meh.

The spa package is super cheap! couple's package of 2 1/2 hours massage is only RM165! awesomeness!!!!

oh ya, colleague texted me earlier this morning and told me i got the highest marks for the Train the Trainer exams! hurray! ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Should be Happy but..

It sucks when all of the excitement to board on the plane tomorrow morning for a holiday that you've planned for months was ruined by 2 freaking idiots. These people i swear in my whole life that i will not admit them as part of my family ever in my life.

fuck it, i'll board the plane and think about my lovely 4 days therapy. therapy of course.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The final journey

2 weeks to August 2009! Search is currently on their final tour throughout Malaysia and the final concert will be on 1st August at Bukit Kiara. Since its like so near to my mom's will definitely go!

Me and hubby grew up with their songs since when we were little. I remember my brother sang Isabella in his room and tune up his guitar and strum the Fenomena song. Every karaoke session, hubby will always sing a Search number. Rumors said that this will be their final concert.... so sad :( For sure, we can't miss the legendary Malaysian rock band for their final awesome concert ever!

Thinking of buying the tickets online, but since we can only redeem the tickets the day before the concert at the venue, it is so troublesome. Called the organizers and will get the tickets tomorrow at KLCC. Can't wait!!

Update: Bought the tix!!! The ugly part is, we still have to redeem the tix at the booth on the concert day. Meh. What kind of stupid idea is this?

Buuuulaaaan maduuu di awaaan biruuuu...tiaaada yaang mengaaangguuuu!! yeah!

\m/_ [^0^] _\m/

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beli apa? Crump-ler!


Finally.. after few months searching for the best traveling backpack (and a Tote bag for me) for our trip to Bandung and other trips to come, we bought ourselves Crumpler bags! Last weekend, after watching Ice Age 3 at KLCC, we went inside several shops and was disappointed with the designs for most of the backpacks. The designs were damn ugly for a RM500 backpack! We passed the Crumpler store on the way back and went inside to take a look and feel in love with the design of Crumpler's King Single backpack.

It was a bit pricey but want good design, you have to pay more! I guess hubby felt a bit guilty of buying the bag for himself so he asked whether i need anything from Crumpler. For a typical lady who loves bags, being offered whether she needs a new one, of course i said yes! After looking at several designs, i chose Crumpler's Medium Headaitch. The price? a bit cheaper than the King Single of course and this is the second most expensive bag that he ever bought for me (the first one was for my wedding gift :P ). At least this one is huge enough to place my jacket and knickknacks. I constantly asked whether its okay, he told me that i always bought cheap bags which doesn't last long and kept on buying new the end the month, it cost a few hundred bucks!. If its fine for him, i'd better just shut up. Hehe.

We can't wait for our trip to Bandung on the 24th. Although we have to go through with all of the last minute trainings till the end of the month, that will not stop me from being excited for the trip! Will have to remind myself to buy masks and hand sanitizer gel for the precaution of H1N1 disease. 8 days to go!

We received a really good news earlier today, the big boss finally gave a green light for Saturdays off! Hurray!

Friday, July 10, 2009

1st Anniversary!


Its been a year. On the 5th of July 2008, me and him were officially husband and wife. Time flew so fast i didn't realized that its been a year already! Well, what did we do on our anniversary? Instead of having a typical dinner, flowers or cakes or whatever, we went for a spa treat! Hubby complained about his aching back so he instantly agreed.

The spa that we went to is just 5 mins from our home. Why bother to drive all the way to other states when you got something great near you! Sembunyi Spa is located at Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya. Went there last month with my dear colleagues to celebrate her leaving the workplace. Yup! we celebrated cause she was all happy leaving the place after 7 years of working. Haha. They told us about the couple package so i kept thinking of bringing him sometime. So there! booked an appointment and set to go!

Our appointment was at 1pm and we arrived there sometime around 12.30'ish. They told us to get ready and use any of the facilities first and the treatment will start at 1.45pm. We chose couple's package 'Butterfly Kisses' that consists of 90 mins Balinese Massage and Facial or Body Scrub. Since i did my body treatment (Scrub and Clay Body Mask) last month, so i chose Facial instead while he preferred having a Scrub a Dub Dub (That's what they name it).

We went into the spa area, with warm bubbly jacuzzi that can fit 10 people in it, Sauna and Steam Room. Unfortunately, the spa areas are separated for both genders. Oh well. There were not many people in there, so i got the jacuzzi all by myself since the other two females went for their treatment in the private rooms. So it's basically heaven on earth! I tried the ice cold dip pool next to the jacuzzi, at first i thought its going to be slightly cold but nope, just imagine you dip your whole body into a pool filled with icecubes. Yup. I went in and became a popsicle. Note to myself : Do Not Dip In That Pool No More.

The a wee bit expensive but its all worth it. The massage was good, the facial was yummy (they used yogurt, honey and chinese almonds for mask and scrub) and they did a thing called 'stepping' where they walk on your back and massage by foot. I refused but hubby requested. He heard his shoulders cracking. Haha. To cut it short, after everything done, we plunged into the pool and felt like it was our own backyard pool, nobody was using it except us!

We didn't bring our cameras so i googled. Found some pictures and posted here. Didn't manage to find pictures on the jacuzzi area though. Will definitely bring one next time! All in all, it was great. Thank you sayang for the spa treat. Love you!