Tuesday, December 23, 2008

back to reality

don't really feel like blogging about the trip coz it wasn't like what i've expected.

upon arrival to the hotel, they told us they've upgraded the room to the first floor and i thought hey! that's a good start. i eagerly wanted to see the room and after a few steps, here we are! they gave us a room next to the reception counter! i was like what? then, when i enter the room, it wasn't decorated as what i've requested via email earlier during the week. i told my husband that i want to change the room and i was upset that the room was not decorated. how sad.

i have to personally request another room which they turn into the original room which is downstairs with no decoration whatsoever. so much for the first time honeymooner huh. and then i have to personally request for a honeymoon theme at the counter and they apologize for not getting ready my room and though that the other couple who are the only ones on honeymoon. They mistakenly thought that only one room that needs to be decorated. what the fuck.

i've been travelling quite a lot of times in my life, but this is not the type of holiday and yet my first honeymoon that i've expected!

However, the trip to the island hopping was a blast.

I personally think that hubby and i deserved another first time honeymoon at maybe bali? what say you hubby?

other than that. it was so and so.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hanging out before boarding into flight to phuket!


Yeay! We are off to phuket for our honeymoon! Please pray for our safety! X0x0

Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is pito. A gift from my bestfriend, syibb. I think he's about a year +. U have no idea how many times i tried to get his pic taken.


When the semester ends, this is what we do. :-P 
= Blogged via phone=

Hubby at office

Its cooooold!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

oh so happy!

sometimes, me and hubby need presents for ourselves.

happy holidays!

and one more thing, phuket trip this friday! yipeeee!!



Trying to blog via phone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

busy busy busy

Very busy week indeed.

Brothers wedding, graduations etc etc

will update some time later.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i dont understand

sometimes things at work seems ridiculous. In my workplace, i'm surrounded with different type of people, different countries, different skins, attitudes etc etc. We looked like jars with different spices!

Not all people felt that way though. They can't mix around because of the colour of the skin, they felt superior because they thought that we asians are weak. because our country was dictator ed by westerners hence they feel superior. meh. its already 2008, come on! if you think you are too good, why are you here anyway? go and compete with your fellow westerners!

For example:

you are durian, you have very rough skin with sharp thorns to protect you therefore you feel superior.

i am an orange i'm smooth all around and there's nothing to be afraid of but deep inside the orange, the flavour is so sharp you will make twinch yourself because of the sour taste.

For durian? you are milky and soft inside! it is basically a weak taste.

Somehow i can just give examples metaphorically. I can't tell a lot about this matter as it is quite sensitive.

When you are in Rome, do what the Romans do.

When you are in Malaysia, do what Malaysians do - lah!

Friday, December 5, 2008

14 days more

Can't wait!

Hubby finally managed to get his passport done and yeay! we are set to Phuket!
After 5 months after the wedding day, finally we are off to our honeymoon.
We've been waiting for this for months! trust me, we bought it in February, even
before our wedding (luckily we got married hah!)

My bestfriend and me been talking about phuket trips for weeks now. We can't
even think about anything other than the trip! Both of us really need a time out
from work and also some other stuff that bugs our lives. We are going for a
double date honeymoon style! I know people said that honeymoon should be
between you and your other half only but we can always do that in the bedroom!
haha. I would prefer to have a girlfriend for the shopping spree and also some
activites way better when you are in a group.

this is what's going on in my mind:


i can do this forever!

Monday, December 1, 2008


dari tadi aku bukak post ni.

dari pukul 9.30pagi sampai la 4.53petang.

agaknya aku ni malas nak update blog.. ataupun aku busy?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

its been some time

I am super busy at the moment.

I'm everywhere and i'm getting tired.

and i'm late.

goat eeee here

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not Enough.

One question. Where is this picture taken?


Of coure not. It's in Melaka. Haha.

The amazing thing was,they do have double decker buses. The thing behind the building is similar to London Eye which is called Eye on Malaysia. The buildings were built during the British or Protugese colonization times ( i think, i'm a bit stupid in terms of Malaysian History) The chinese guy in front can be a British chap or Malaysian Leng Lui (or is it?) . Who knows? I didn't manage to interview him.

I just loved the combination, reminds me of London :)

We arrived around 4'ish after driving around looking for the hotel. We stayed in The Avillion Legacy (the bed was a bit hard, i think) at Jalan Hang Tuah and noticed a few things about Melaka:

- Most of the roads are one way, once you screwed up by missing the correct road you have to spend extra on your petrol to make a huge u turn.

- It is a roundabout town, whenever we try to go to the other end, we end up going to the same place again.

- Melaka peeps love to press their car horns. No, not to say hi but to politely ask us to get the hell out of the road! (hey! my car's registrated number starts with M! i'm practically from Melaka! pbbhhtt!!~)

-They love to have straight roads with 4 lanes and out all of sudden, the roads are split into 2! the far left is to go left and the remaining 3 lanes are for heading to the right!

- It's kinda hard to look for Malay food. or maybe i dont survey a lot of places.

- It a bad traffic even tough it is 11.30 at night! fuh!

what else. have to think first maybe i'll continue later.

I love love love this place called Cheng Ho Tea House. it is located at the back of the streets, where when you enter it looks like a door to the other world!

When you enter the door, the path is surrounded with money tree leaves (as what being told by the owner). The owner planted it 10 years ago and look how they've grown!


So we went in and was greeted by a 300 years old well. The one Cheng Ho used when he stayed there. That place was Cheng Ho's storage place when he arrived in Melaka decades ago.
The tea house was at the back of the place so we passed by the Cheng Ho museum and some valuable artifacts. Historical!
The place was lovely. You can actually feel the historical ambience right after you stepped in. They tea house, hence the name, sells tea. They gave us a menu of types of tea and we chose Jasmine Tea because i know the smell of Jasmine Tea makes you relaxed :). On the table, there was a set of tea, not the usual one, it comes with two pots, a wooden box beneath it and small drain cup thing. There also sell a 20 year old tea packet that costs you RM1600! fuh!

We spent 2 1/2 hours just by repeatedly sipping the jasmine tea which is refillable. We also chatted with one of the owners and was told the story of Cheng Ho and what happened to the streets 600 years ago. I just wished that learning Malaysian history could be this interesting.

I have tons of things to tell you but maybe i shall continue later or ask my husband to put in his blog :P

oh ya, we managed to go up to the sky and trying to look for our car with this!

There it is! yeay! (if you know the type and colour of our car of course)

We had fun and we've learned some historical facts as well.

To tell you the truth, i thought Melaka is boring, nothing to see. I did all of the historic tours when i was in school. nothing much plainly blargh.
I guess i was wrong, there are so much to see with so little time to spend. I told my husband, this is the last time i'm going to spend rm10 (with your malaysian id) to go up to the viewing tower or maybe when our children is old enough maybe we should give it a go again :)

Hubby also bought this t shirt from Orangutan shop. Its a gallery + art + tshirt shop by a famous artist, Charles Cham. You should definitely drop by to his shop. Loved the concept.
As what stated in this tshirt, yup no photos please. No photos for his shop. heh

I can't wait for our trip to Phuket on 19th December!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~~

Friday, October 31, 2008

a getaway!


both me and hubby will head to Malacca tomorrow for our long waited getaway. Anis, my ex colleague is getting married on Sunday so we've decided to go on Saturday spend the night there and go to her wedding the next day. Although its going to be a short holiday, i dont care at least we are out of cyberjaya!

i have no idea where to go to Malacca. The last time that i went was the Anime Fest in MMU Melaka in 2005. It's been ages since the last time i went to the town and i have absolutely no idea how it looks like now. We should definitely check it out!

i heard that you can buy really nice nyonya kebaya at jonker street.

can't wait!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm sorry i was in class


Thanks to my class this morning, i don't have to go to the interview. There were three of us were suppose to attend it but unfortunately only one did not survived. hehe.

However, i still have to drag a projector, mac notebook and extension cord for student's presentation today.

I think i've gained some muscles. ^_^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

last minute candidate?

i don't understand.

i've only worked here for like 1 year and 7 months and yet they asked me to attend the interview session with the audit guys. there are plenty of people who worked here for more than 7 years! ask them to go for the interview. It is so unfair.

now i have to memorize all of those stats and missions and visions or whatever. ergh.

they do know that i have tons of work to do? it's heading towards the end of the semester! i have plenty of papers to mark!! yeah i'm still at work and i have to bring home my student's reports.

it's 7pm and i'm still here. i had lunch at 6pm and now waiting for husband to finish his discussion with his boss err not boss but some sort of a.. erm.. leader? whatever.

it's so hard when both of us are VIPs in our faculties. haha. more like work being tai chi to us. If you know the office politics term for that one.

Its cold, i'm tired and i need to go home.

*update: i went home at 8.15pm! hah!*

sad kitteh via cuteoverload.com

Saturday, October 25, 2008

a total revamp!


i did some self learning just now on how to change the blogspot template. I was bored using the standard ones so i started googled on templates and found this cute bears holding hands with trees rainbows.. simply love them!

well now the problem is my widgets and links are all screwed up so have to read the entire html coding to identify my links. managed to edit some blog links but i think i have to retype everything again. *Sigh.

i know it's all greeny and its a standard template and all taken from a site that you can just googled it. but hey.. at least it turned out nice ( i think)

what do you guys think?

its here

my dream is....

to have a panda sitting next to me!

could you believe this??
panda in a plane????

i would definitely love to have a panda sitting beside me instead of a stranger. i would definitely say hello you! *straightaway kiss and hug* and say you're cute!

sitting panda via cuteoverload.com

Thursday, October 23, 2008

just plain lazy

i rarely update my blog. I will log in most of the days, leave the posting space empty, time flew by and oops! it's already 5pm! nothing was posted. meh.

my husband updates his blog regularly, me? i'm just plain lazy. I got tons of other stuff to do at work and at home. At this hour i still have to complete these tasks:

+ update problematic students list to registry
+ mark research methodology literature review
+ update attendance online
+ call up problematic students for consultation sessions
+ call students to pick their examination dockets
+ mark history of multimedia assignment 1 (which consist of 54 students in total)
+ start creating the marking template for taught modules.

what else? hmm...

All of those are pending work stuff.

what about personal stuff? let me see...

+ play computer games (spore!! stupid outdated graphic card. ergh)
+ watch how i met your mother till the latest episode
+ watch the new little britain goes US
+ watch pushing daisies season 2
+ exercise (yeah, i'm big boned. my husband loves me so SHUT UP!)
+ cook pasta for husband, sis in law and her friend (that reminds me of a friend, Ijam)

Some stuff that i want to buy or do

+ laptop!! ( i don't think one computer at home is enough for both of us, computer and internet freaks)
+ a bicycle. so that i can cycle around exercising instead of running on threadmills. ergh.
+ new perfume (i'm bored with the ones that i have)
+ a gold pendant..... so that i can match with my gold necklace my husband gave me.
+ tint windows for my car (i wanted this for the past 2 1/2 years)
+ herbalife so that i can be slimmer in 3 months. haha
+ rent a hotel in melaka for sexy times with husband before attending a wedding the next day. haha.

you see.. tons of stuff. every month waiting for the next paycheck to come but every month both of us will have commitments that required us to use $$$$$$$$$$...our wedding, celebrating Eid, our upcoming honeymoon trip to Phuket, relatives visiting etc etc. and yeah paying our credit cards. ergh.

i'm stressed. 19th december please come soon! holiday! holiday!

*the graduation ceremony tentatively will be on 20th december, i'm not going to be here! wohooo!!~ phuket here we come!!

lazy kat from icanhascheezburger.com

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In The Office on Raya's Eve

Here i am in the office on Tuesday 30th September 2008, a day before celebrating Eid or as we all know, Hari Raya.

This morning, when i woke up, i got this regret feeling of not taking leave today. Even my husband asked " Why dont you want to take leave today?" A simple answer "I don't have enough". I took most of it for my wedding. *sigh.

Here i am not in the mood for work and just browsing the internet here and there and voila! i've found this interesting article from PingMag

I love instant noodles. Not the soupy ones but the dried ones like Indomie Goreng. I had a tough time to prepare it since i have to boil the noodles and put it aside to drain it out, put into another bowl and mix it with seasonings. I remember when i was in boarding school and there were no stove to cook, all i use were boiled water and a plastic bowl. Once, i even pour the remaining hot water inside the drain by squatting (cangkung) beside the drain, and pour the water out. Sometimes, it failed and end up pouring all of the noodles in the drain itself T_T .

But look! The japanese invented this bowl here

You just need to pour hot water in the bowl, wait for a few minutes and pour it out by using the holes in the packaging! genius! All in one! One dry instant noodles pronto!

I would strongly suggest that Indomie Goreng use this packaging for their products. I will buy tons of them!

Why am i posting about instant noodles on Raya's Eve?


image via PingMag

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Husband!

His birthday was suppose to be on 20th September 2008. But, i forgot to blog about it. You know me i'm not really an everyday up to date blogger. heh. Sorry dear!

Since it was on Saturday, after work we decided to go Alamanda for grocery shopping and booked a table at Manhattan's Fish Market for iftar.

I've always wanted to buy him a Guitar for his birthday present but he told me not to waste money :( Trust me, how many times i've tried to convince him and end up failing. He asked me to save the money for something else that is more important. I know birthday presents are suppose to be a secret but i dont want to buy and end up being scolded by him. heh.

Anyways dear husband, I love you. I know its the big 3-0 but hey, a lot of people say that you look younger! :P

Did you remember in year 2004, we promised to get married when i'm 26 and you're 30? We did it! hurray!

kissy owl via cuteoverload.com

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pertama Kali

Tahun 2002

Tahun 2008

Lagi 8 hari nak raya.

Dah 26 tahun menyambut hari raya but kali ni akan lebih bermakna. :)
Untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup, saya akan menyambut hari raya bersama suami yang terchenta *hati berbunga* :P

Sepanjang bulan Ramadhan ni, kami berdua sangat sibuk berkerja, jadi tak brapa banyak sangat aktiviti berbuka puasa di luar. Dah nak dekat 4 minggu berpuasa ni pun, saya sebagai seorang isteri, tidak memasak untuk juadah berbuka puasa untuk suami kerana kesibukan berkerja. Almaklumlah, ada banyak chef kat luar sana, so tunjuk tunjuk je. hehe. Bertuah dapat suami yang tak cerewet sangat (tak tau la skarang tak cerewet, mana tau tahun tahun akan datang ni).

Untuk hari raya kali ni, shopping pun belum lagi. Baju raya dah ada, buat baju kurung ringkas je tinggal suami yang perlu mencari baju melayu yang sedondon ( saya yang nak sangat sama warna sebab first time raya suami isteri la katakan). Mungkin akan cari hujung minggu ni. Setiap tahun, saya dan Zaki mesti pergi ke Shah Alam malam sebelum raya sebab masa tu mesti baju, kuih raya semua murah murah. Macam tahun lepas, baju kurung RM50 je! Kuih pun boleh dapat RM10 satu balang sebab nak habiskan stock. So tahun ni, nak buat macam tu jugak. Hehe.

Rasa pelik blog dalam bahasa melayu nak susun ayat pun kena fikir dulu. Haha.

Dikesempatan saya berblog ni, saya dan suami saya, Zaki ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.


Oh yea, lupa pula. Savvy Hijau saya sudah pun kembali ke pangkuan saya, Alhamdulillah. Setelah menunggu hampir 3 bulan di workshop. Terfikir nak tukar kereta, tapi............................ nanti dulu lah :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Proton Savvy Sucks!

i hate PROTON.
but i have no choice. :(

I dont have enough money to buy other brands, proton and perodua are the only cars that i can afford. :(

Why dont i buy cars from Perodua?
because their cars are small and i need a sedan since i've married and thinking of starting a family. so i need a bigger car.

this is what i've posted to SAVOC forum.

hey guys..

just want to ask your opinion..

My savvy is still under repair after i've sent it in on 8th July 2008. Now is already September and my car is still under repair at Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara. Its been 2 months! and they still told me that they can't release my car with load and loads of reasons. FYI, i always send my car for service to Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara and no where else.

My savvy was really slow in terms of changing the gears and i felt that it is very jerky. more jearkier than before. This is after i've sent it for service of 40KM. After the complain, they told me there's something wrong with the ignition coil which will cost me RM800! i was furious and the faulty is not entirely my fault! i've complained about the jerking everything i've sent it for service and all they told me was IT IS NORMAL FOR SAVVY TO BE A LITTLE BIT JERKY WHEN DRIVING. at the end it caught me. I told them i dont want to pay the RM800 as they should detect the faulty parts earlier during service before the warranty expires!! they told me they will seek for help to get extended warranty with terms and conditions.

After 3 weeks of waiting, they told me my application approved and they've found a new problem on my gear system. i was like WTF?? they told me TCU (Tranmission Control Unit) is also faulty and need to be repaired which will cost me RM8000 to RM10000. They also applied for another application for extended warranty and i will have to wait for another 2 3 weeks for the application to approve. The time passed, and it was 4 weeks of waiting for the approval. After A MONTH of waiting for the 2nd approval, finally is approved. And yet, they told me 2 WEEKS AGO. They told me that they need to order the parts for my car and now is already 2 weeks as well. Order parts take so much time meh? stress So now on 5th September 2008, Its been 2 MONTHS since the last time i saw my car. i left my car at Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara.

So now, i dont know what to do, maybe its because i'm a women driver and owner, they just take advantage of me not knowing about the situation. Or maybe because i have no links or the people i know in Proton hence they just dont bother much about my case. This made me fed up of driving Savvy and thinking of sellling it off or just give it to my brother. No wonder people complain a lot of PROTON and how the service was terrible. I've complained to Proton I CARE, i've complained to Proton HQ but it seems no one gives a ****!! The person that i'm dealing with is Mr Kelvin from Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara. I just thought that they just want my car to rot at their workshop. I've been taking taxis to work from Damansara to Cyberjaya everyday! angry

Is this normal? Anyone occurred anything like this before? Can anyone help me out by suggesting what should i do next? stress angry


Friday, July 18, 2008

the wedding aftermath.

i would like to say thanks to those who involved in our wedding. Especially to my bestfriend, Syibratul Fauzana and her husband Shamril Azry for their help, being my pengapit, photos, let me and mak tah tumpang the car to kota tinggi and a bunch of other things!!! thanks guys. <3

Not to forget Intan Suhana and hubby, Pitt for driving all the way to kota tinggi, helping us out, being the last minute pengapit for the reception in Kota Tinggi <3

Thanks for my beloved family members, cousins, uncles, aunties for making this happen. <3

Thanks to my lil brother, Adib for being a responsible young chap helping out his lovely sister's wedding :P

Thanks to Mak Lin for the wonderful pakistani songket for nikah, the beautiful bed sheet for bilik pengantin and all 700 pieces of onyx egg all the way from Pakistan.

The thing that i regret the most is there is no family picture :( so sad. oh ya, Thanks to those people who came to our wedding!!

Zaki and Leila

The people involved~ Fabulous Photographers: Ax and Odows of thecustompicture

Marvelous Videographer: Nizam from weddingessential

Pelamin, Room Deco, Flower stands and Outdoor Decorations : Kak Sue from Rins Bridal

Lovely Make up for Nikah and Reception : Diyana Shukor

Modern Baju Kurung for Nikah, Reception Dress and Baju Melayu, Bertandang Songket all nicely done by Miss Maya from Maya Mega Boutique, Pertama Complex, Kuala Lumpur

Wedding Cupcake Tier : Ellie from kekcawan

Thursday, July 17, 2008

husband. i haz it.

5th july 2008 - Saturday - 9'ish ( i think)

i am now a wife to my dearest, lovable husband zaki

i am oh so happy :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

kish kish

i'm getting married next week!

Saturday 5th July 2008.

sorry, i've kept on raving about my wedding.. i'm just so excited!
the preparations, so far its okay. it's just that i'm very very tired. my sleeping cycle is everywhere. every night i slept around 1am onwards. never before. it's just driving me crazy.

no reasons, maybe its the excitement. the wedding made me think a lot before i venture into deep sleep. when i think a lot, i sleep less. which is not good for my health.

now i am very very sleepy. and i'm hungry.

i wonder where is my future hubby to be.

sayang, it's lunchtime.. jom lah pegi makan!


cute owls from cuteoverload.com

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh noes..

i'm getting married...

in 10 DAYS!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

happy egg?

On the way back to my desk, i've came across with a box that stated:

' a happy egg is a healthy egg'

it confuses me. like..how is it possible for us to know that the egg is happy? of course they're are not happy! the humans are going to eat them! they've been separated by their mothers! is that happy to you?


i think that statement failed. miserably.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

iz sad.

my annual leaves plus wedding leaves is only 8 days?


Friday, May 23, 2008

Iz Relieved


yesterday me and my fiance went to Jalan Pudu, KL to pick up his wedding cards. the place is called ArtOneProductions or Wed.Com.My. Recommended place to do wedding cards and gift bags. The service is friendly and superb! Can you imagine that they sent me the design for me to check this morning? they also notified me at around 4.30 am in the morning via sms! This is what we call designers! The best thing about them, they have agreed for the cards to be ready on 31st of May without any extra charges!!! I'm so relieved..

thank you Abg Saiful and Kak Ita.. really appreciate it.

by the way.. the cards are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than those stupid embun'myass'cards.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

just wondering

something that makes me thinking.. since it's about wedding and such..

should a wedding be?

a big occasion where you can prove to people that you are so rich?

a small occasion where you are happy with your family and friends?

to just be yourself and don't bother with people who will criticize your wedding and said 'only this? i expect it to be grand.'

to just prepare and pray to God that things will be allright on that day?

to be all panicky if something turns out bad?


i'm worried.

it's 21st of May. my wedding card should be ready by now. but no.. it's still in editing process. my fiance's wedding card is ready.. and his reception is a week after mine! it's not fair... so much of being someone that is very picky.

at first, i'm thinking of creating my own wedding card? but hey.. after i've designed it.. it makes me wonder that it might cost a fortune. heh. so i thought, whatever..just hire someone to do it. after browsing here and there , i came across with this lovely independent card designer (?). the designs are pretty and it's customized ( i dont really fancy standard template wedding cards.) so i go ahead with the meeting and end up hired them to design my card. they've promised me that the cards will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks time..

fast forward (after 2 weeks)
i've emailed the girl, asking where the hell is my design? and she mentioned that her email couldn't get through mine blablabla..the computer need to be fix..blablabla..the files are in there..blablabla..so after so many reminders..she emailed me . and i was...frustrated. a lot of things need to be change.

fast forward (after 2 weeks)
still in editing stage. gosh. if you look at the way i mark..(see above) i felt like i'm dealing with my student. i dont know...it's so frustrating.. i gave her a dateline for the cards to be ready by 30th of May.

let's just pray for my card to be ready.. i don't have time to go to other places.

1 month + !!!

i just felt that i'm dealing with a non designer..

Saturday, May 10, 2008


oh gosh.

its been ages. i guess im not an active blogger.
i've been busy with work, wedding preparations and more work.
i need a holiday but my phuket trip is in 7 months. blargh.
im thinking of going to langkawi in end of july. after the wedding. it's like a pre honeymoon trip. should get the tix that the MAS offered recently.

another 55 days to the wedding!
can't wait!

update: i'm still trying to get the RM0 return ticket to Langkawi somewhere in July and August..but guess what? It's sold out! *stress..*

Saturday, April 5, 2008


i'm getting married in 3 months!!1!1

me and my fiance bought our gifts (hantaran) last week, well most of it. I'm still looking for my blingblings.


i'm slowly adding words on my blog while multitasking with my database entry for students attendance.



i'll update later.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Burfdei. I Has It!

happy 26th birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Super busy

Super tired

a lot of things need to handle.


Saturday, March 1, 2008


my 4 years-never-format-before home computer is attacked by malware, spamware, virus and all the shitty stuff that made the computer kaput. it is its first time in 4 years to reformat. i bought the computer in uk in 2004 and i hope its going to be allright. it's one strong ass computer but i think it's about time. ..*sniff.

dear computer, please don't dissapoint me. you are one bloody expensive computer that my dad ever paid for. heh.

image via packardbell

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

attack of the killer students!

the class had started!


Friday, February 22, 2008

Look at the date!

me and my fiance are engaged for 2 months now.


kitteh image taken from ICHC

Thursday, February 21, 2008

here it goes again..



I'm SO DONE with it.

i'm attending graduation twice a year! it's going to be every single year! twice!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


2 things that i can't wait this year:

+ my wedding

+ holidays to phuket!!

can't wait!


Scroll down to the bottom of my page!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


look at the date!

i've just realized that me and my fiance has been engaged for a month!


Happy 1st Month "Engagenivesary" sayang!

is there such a word? WhatEvs!

oh noes! 6 months to our wedding!!1!1


i want.

i want this
i need more munny!!!1!1


via designmilk

Saturday, January 19, 2008



pandas are cute. full stop.

i have this habit of browsing my favorite websites right after i switched on my computer. one of it is ze famous ICHCB. Icanhascheezburger is a fabulous website that shows captions on images of cute and adorable animals. some of them are really really silly. i have to look at it every morning just to give me the morning smile (because..you know..being at work..its like....................)

for those people who have no idea what NOM is... NOM is similar to CHOMP! or NGAP!
if u have no idea what those words are well..its an expression of eating.

i want to NOM! you. okay that does not sound right. erk.

its 12.30pm. its NOM! time! have a nice NOM'ing afternoon ladies.

panda nom'ing thx to ichcb

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

throw your ex out!

this is a really great stuff.


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