Friday, July 18, 2008

the wedding aftermath.

i would like to say thanks to those who involved in our wedding. Especially to my bestfriend, Syibratul Fauzana and her husband Shamril Azry for their help, being my pengapit, photos, let me and mak tah tumpang the car to kota tinggi and a bunch of other things!!! thanks guys. <3

Not to forget Intan Suhana and hubby, Pitt for driving all the way to kota tinggi, helping us out, being the last minute pengapit for the reception in Kota Tinggi <3

Thanks for my beloved family members, cousins, uncles, aunties for making this happen. <3

Thanks to my lil brother, Adib for being a responsible young chap helping out his lovely sister's wedding :P

Thanks to Mak Lin for the wonderful pakistani songket for nikah, the beautiful bed sheet for bilik pengantin and all 700 pieces of onyx egg all the way from Pakistan.

The thing that i regret the most is there is no family picture :( so sad. oh ya, Thanks to those people who came to our wedding!!

Zaki and Leila

The people involved~ Fabulous Photographers: Ax and Odows of thecustompicture

Marvelous Videographer: Nizam from weddingessential

Pelamin, Room Deco, Flower stands and Outdoor Decorations : Kak Sue from Rins Bridal

Lovely Make up for Nikah and Reception : Diyana Shukor

Modern Baju Kurung for Nikah, Reception Dress and Baju Melayu, Bertandang Songket all nicely done by Miss Maya from Maya Mega Boutique, Pertama Complex, Kuala Lumpur

Wedding Cupcake Tier : Ellie from kekcawan

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