Thursday, February 19, 2009


no wonder i gotta feeling that i'm a bunbun at the office

thanks babe!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My hubby told me that previous entry in malay is very 'kaku'. Fine, i admit that i can't really write in malay (rolled eyes). Hey, at least i got an A1 in malay language for my SPM okay! think of it, what he said might be true. Since that was nearly 10 years ago, I need to enrol in MPW2113 Bahasa Kebangsaan A a.s.a.p! Eh, did i get the code correct?

Janji manismu

Mengapakah kau yg menghasilkan tahi itu, kemudian tergamak mencalitkan ia kepadaku? Dunia ini tidak adil.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is London.

The above is on the Embankment area and the next one is at Trasfalgar Square. London is known for the area of not having a thick snow for you to build your huge snowman or even throw snowballs to your friends. It's been ages since the last time snow stormed the London city. It was around 18 years ago based on the facts here.

I was in London in year 2004 and 2005. I only experienced snow once in the morning but it quickly melt after an hour. So not so much of a snow experience living in London.

2009 changed the history. London is full of snow! Personally, i felt a bit jealous but after experiencing winter in London before, it is not all pure beautiful and lovely. The aftermath of snow is a disaster. Slippery sidewalks, freaking freezing and sloppy puddles on the road which splashes right on you when an inconsiderate driver just drive merrily through it.

Well, the puddle thing happens in Malaysia as well but to temperature of the water? just imagine 7 eleven's slurpee being thrown to your face. Yup.

More pic here

Everything Is Good Now

Hubby is back. So relieved. I'm just glad that he's back safely. :)

Hubby is still on his replacement leave and hanging out at my parent's while i'm here at the office attending trainings and meetings. ergh.

on other things

I would love to have this shelves in our home, since we recently bought a total of 6 books in one day! record breaking!

Our new favourite weekend hotspot would be a cute lil bookstore in Amcorp Mall which i can't remember its name..was too excited browsing the books since it is so damn cheap! a brand new novel will only cost you only RM9.90 to RM19.90! superb!