Tuesday, January 22, 2008


look at the date!

i've just realized that me and my fiance has been engaged for a month!


Happy 1st Month "Engagenivesary" sayang!

is there such a word? WhatEvs!

oh noes! 6 months to our wedding!!1!1


i want.

i want this
i need more munny!!!1!1


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Saturday, January 19, 2008



pandas are cute. full stop.

i have this habit of browsing my favorite websites right after i switched on my computer. one of it is ze famous ICHCB. Icanhascheezburger is a fabulous website that shows captions on images of cute and adorable animals. some of them are really really silly. i have to look at it every morning just to give me the morning smile (because..you know..being at work..its like....................)

for those people who have no idea what NOM is... NOM is similar to CHOMP! or NGAP!
if u have no idea what those words are well..its an expression of eating.

i want to NOM! you. okay that does not sound right. erk.

its 12.30pm. its NOM! time! have a nice NOM'ing afternoon ladies.

panda nom'ing thx to ichcb

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

throw your ex out!

this is a really great stuff.


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oh dear switch

the light switch for my room is not functioning. we had replaced it with new light bulb and starter but still we can't turn it on. not only that, my water heater is also not functioning! now i have to let my feet feel the coldness and shiver a little bit before i get into the action.

oh my lovely switches, what happened?


i hate it when i get so worried about him.

he did not pick up his phone last night and this morning.

is he busy training? is he sleeping? is he OKAY?

is he? is he? is he?

will try to tell myself that he's a-okay there...


Monday, January 7, 2008

work is so demanding!

my fiance will be in Penang from tomorrow till saturday.


there goes our trip to pulau ketam, right beb?

*i've just realized that the penang flag is kinda ugly ( i'm just being honest!)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

15 Days..

How do i feel?

it's the 6th day of the month of january. It's been 15 days for me being a fiancee to someone that i really love. how do i feel?

special :)

here i am writing something in my blog on my relaxed Sunday. i bought my work shoes in Sogo in the afternoon, ate at nando's with my sister and my cheeky nephew, yusuf. Why sogo? Yusuf told me that he wanted a hooded jacket. i told him, in this malaysian weather, its not suitable to wear a hooded jacket during the day because its bloody hot and humid. so being a 5 year old, he practically forced me and my sister to go and buy it for him. oh yeah, why a hooded jacket? blame it to the 'kiko' advertisement in tv. that advert shows the cool kids jumping around stylishly in hooded jacket. Therefore, he insisted that he needed one of those hooded jackets to be one of the cool kiko kids. haha. clever huh.

the price of the Miki hooded jacket for a 5 year old : RM78.

the way he looked at me and my sister and happily jumping and say thank you: PRICELESS.

he can't even wait to go home and wear it. he wanted to put it on while eating in nandos! kids. blah. i still love him although he's a very bossy boy. haha.

i didnt pay for the hooded jacket. my sister did. haha. it's her kid!

(actually i'm kind of broke at the mo' so.....)

there goes my sunday. as usual.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008


happy new year everyone!

i've opened my blog to write something for a few hours now. but it seems that i dont really feel to write something about anything.

so its just gonna be a simple wish then!