Sunday, January 6, 2008

15 Days..

How do i feel?

it's the 6th day of the month of january. It's been 15 days for me being a fiancee to someone that i really love. how do i feel?

special :)

here i am writing something in my blog on my relaxed Sunday. i bought my work shoes in Sogo in the afternoon, ate at nando's with my sister and my cheeky nephew, yusuf. Why sogo? Yusuf told me that he wanted a hooded jacket. i told him, in this malaysian weather, its not suitable to wear a hooded jacket during the day because its bloody hot and humid. so being a 5 year old, he practically forced me and my sister to go and buy it for him. oh yeah, why a hooded jacket? blame it to the 'kiko' advertisement in tv. that advert shows the cool kids jumping around stylishly in hooded jacket. Therefore, he insisted that he needed one of those hooded jackets to be one of the cool kiko kids. haha. clever huh.

the price of the Miki hooded jacket for a 5 year old : RM78.

the way he looked at me and my sister and happily jumping and say thank you: PRICELESS.

he can't even wait to go home and wear it. he wanted to put it on while eating in nandos! kids. blah. i still love him although he's a very bossy boy. haha.

i didnt pay for the hooded jacket. my sister did. haha. it's her kid!

(actually i'm kind of broke at the mo' so.....)

there goes my sunday. as usual.


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