Tuesday, May 27, 2008

iz sad.

my annual leaves plus wedding leaves is only 8 days?


Friday, May 23, 2008

Iz Relieved


yesterday me and my fiance went to Jalan Pudu, KL to pick up his wedding cards. the place is called ArtOneProductions or Wed.Com.My. Recommended place to do wedding cards and gift bags. The service is friendly and superb! Can you imagine that they sent me the design for me to check this morning? they also notified me at around 4.30 am in the morning via sms! This is what we call designers! The best thing about them, they have agreed for the cards to be ready on 31st of May without any extra charges!!! I'm so relieved..

thank you Abg Saiful and Kak Ita.. really appreciate it.

by the way.. the cards are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than those stupid embun'myass'cards.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

just wondering

something that makes me thinking.. since it's about wedding and such..

should a wedding be?

a big occasion where you can prove to people that you are so rich?

a small occasion where you are happy with your family and friends?

to just be yourself and don't bother with people who will criticize your wedding and said 'only this? i expect it to be grand.'

to just prepare and pray to God that things will be allright on that day?

to be all panicky if something turns out bad?


i'm worried.

it's 21st of May. my wedding card should be ready by now. but no.. it's still in editing process. my fiance's wedding card is ready.. and his reception is a week after mine! it's not fair... so much of being someone that is very picky.

at first, i'm thinking of creating my own wedding card? but hey.. after i've designed it.. it makes me wonder that it might cost a fortune. heh. so i thought, whatever..just hire someone to do it. after browsing here and there , i came across with this lovely independent card designer (?). the designs are pretty and it's customized ( i dont really fancy standard template wedding cards.) so i go ahead with the meeting and end up hired them to design my card. they've promised me that the cards will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks time..

fast forward (after 2 weeks)
i've emailed the girl, asking where the hell is my design? and she mentioned that her email couldn't get through mine blablabla..the computer need to be fix..blablabla..the files are in there..blablabla..so after so many reminders..she emailed me . and i was...frustrated. a lot of things need to be change.

fast forward (after 2 weeks)
still in editing stage. gosh. if you look at the way i mark..(see above) i felt like i'm dealing with my student. i dont know...it's so frustrating.. i gave her a dateline for the cards to be ready by 30th of May.

let's just pray for my card to be ready.. i don't have time to go to other places.

1 month + !!!

i just felt that i'm dealing with a non designer..

Saturday, May 10, 2008


oh gosh.

its been ages. i guess im not an active blogger.
i've been busy with work, wedding preparations and more work.
i need a holiday but my phuket trip is in 7 months. blargh.
im thinking of going to langkawi in end of july. after the wedding. it's like a pre honeymoon trip. should get the tix that the MAS offered recently.

another 55 days to the wedding!
can't wait!

update: i'm still trying to get the RM0 return ticket to Langkawi somewhere in July and August..but guess what? It's sold out! *stress..*