Friday, October 31, 2008

a getaway!


both me and hubby will head to Malacca tomorrow for our long waited getaway. Anis, my ex colleague is getting married on Sunday so we've decided to go on Saturday spend the night there and go to her wedding the next day. Although its going to be a short holiday, i dont care at least we are out of cyberjaya!

i have no idea where to go to Malacca. The last time that i went was the Anime Fest in MMU Melaka in 2005. It's been ages since the last time i went to the town and i have absolutely no idea how it looks like now. We should definitely check it out!

i heard that you can buy really nice nyonya kebaya at jonker street.

can't wait!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm sorry i was in class


Thanks to my class this morning, i don't have to go to the interview. There were three of us were suppose to attend it but unfortunately only one did not survived. hehe.

However, i still have to drag a projector, mac notebook and extension cord for student's presentation today.

I think i've gained some muscles. ^_^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

last minute candidate?

i don't understand.

i've only worked here for like 1 year and 7 months and yet they asked me to attend the interview session with the audit guys. there are plenty of people who worked here for more than 7 years! ask them to go for the interview. It is so unfair.

now i have to memorize all of those stats and missions and visions or whatever. ergh.

they do know that i have tons of work to do? it's heading towards the end of the semester! i have plenty of papers to mark!! yeah i'm still at work and i have to bring home my student's reports.

it's 7pm and i'm still here. i had lunch at 6pm and now waiting for husband to finish his discussion with his boss err not boss but some sort of a.. erm.. leader? whatever.

it's so hard when both of us are VIPs in our faculties. haha. more like work being tai chi to us. If you know the office politics term for that one.

Its cold, i'm tired and i need to go home.

*update: i went home at 8.15pm! hah!*

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

a total revamp!


i did some self learning just now on how to change the blogspot template. I was bored using the standard ones so i started googled on templates and found this cute bears holding hands with trees rainbows.. simply love them!

well now the problem is my widgets and links are all screwed up so have to read the entire html coding to identify my links. managed to edit some blog links but i think i have to retype everything again. *Sigh.

i know it's all greeny and its a standard template and all taken from a site that you can just googled it. but hey.. at least it turned out nice ( i think)

what do you guys think?

its here

my dream is....

to have a panda sitting next to me!

could you believe this??
panda in a plane????

i would definitely love to have a panda sitting beside me instead of a stranger. i would definitely say hello you! *straightaway kiss and hug* and say you're cute!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

just plain lazy

i rarely update my blog. I will log in most of the days, leave the posting space empty, time flew by and oops! it's already 5pm! nothing was posted. meh.

my husband updates his blog regularly, me? i'm just plain lazy. I got tons of other stuff to do at work and at home. At this hour i still have to complete these tasks:

+ update problematic students list to registry
+ mark research methodology literature review
+ update attendance online
+ call up problematic students for consultation sessions
+ call students to pick their examination dockets
+ mark history of multimedia assignment 1 (which consist of 54 students in total)
+ start creating the marking template for taught modules.

what else? hmm...

All of those are pending work stuff.

what about personal stuff? let me see...

+ play computer games (spore!! stupid outdated graphic card. ergh)
+ watch how i met your mother till the latest episode
+ watch the new little britain goes US
+ watch pushing daisies season 2
+ exercise (yeah, i'm big boned. my husband loves me so SHUT UP!)
+ cook pasta for husband, sis in law and her friend (that reminds me of a friend, Ijam)

Some stuff that i want to buy or do

+ laptop!! ( i don't think one computer at home is enough for both of us, computer and internet freaks)
+ a bicycle. so that i can cycle around exercising instead of running on threadmills. ergh.
+ new perfume (i'm bored with the ones that i have)
+ a gold pendant..... so that i can match with my gold necklace my husband gave me.
+ tint windows for my car (i wanted this for the past 2 1/2 years)
+ herbalife so that i can be slimmer in 3 months. haha
+ rent a hotel in melaka for sexy times with husband before attending a wedding the next day. haha.

you see.. tons of stuff. every month waiting for the next paycheck to come but every month both of us will have commitments that required us to use $$$$$$$$$$...our wedding, celebrating Eid, our upcoming honeymoon trip to Phuket, relatives visiting etc etc. and yeah paying our credit cards. ergh.

i'm stressed. 19th december please come soon! holiday! holiday!

*the graduation ceremony tentatively will be on 20th december, i'm not going to be here! wohooo!!~ phuket here we come!!

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