Tuesday, October 28, 2008

last minute candidate?

i don't understand.

i've only worked here for like 1 year and 7 months and yet they asked me to attend the interview session with the audit guys. there are plenty of people who worked here for more than 7 years! ask them to go for the interview. It is so unfair.

now i have to memorize all of those stats and missions and visions or whatever. ergh.

they do know that i have tons of work to do? it's heading towards the end of the semester! i have plenty of papers to mark!! yeah i'm still at work and i have to bring home my student's reports.

it's 7pm and i'm still here. i had lunch at 6pm and now waiting for husband to finish his discussion with his boss err not boss but some sort of a.. erm.. leader? whatever.

it's so hard when both of us are VIPs in our faculties. haha. more like work being tai chi to us. If you know the office politics term for that one.

Its cold, i'm tired and i need to go home.

*update: i went home at 8.15pm! hah!*

sad kitteh via cuteoverload.com


  1. sian kau babe. tulaa masalah betol jadik *sumone* kat situ. orang lagik suka naik pangkat, sana, orang lagi takut naik pangkat.

    pelik tetapi benar :op

    aku pun baru sampai umah niha, kelas tadi.

  2. Look on the bright side: they chose you for a reason. And I'm sure they are not doing it to sabotage you.

  3. i'm not saying that its a sabotage. its just bad news.