Saturday, October 25, 2008

a total revamp!


i did some self learning just now on how to change the blogspot template. I was bored using the standard ones so i started googled on templates and found this cute bears holding hands with trees rainbows.. simply love them!

well now the problem is my widgets and links are all screwed up so have to read the entire html coding to identify my links. managed to edit some blog links but i think i have to retype everything again. *Sigh.

i know it's all greeny and its a standard template and all taken from a site that you can just googled it. but hey.. at least it turned out nice ( i think)

what do you guys think?

its here


  1. Hee so cute, but not for me. The main reason I chose the minimal blogger template is the freedom to add widgets and whatnot, and HTML makes me a cranky old lady. But whatever floats your sampan!

  2. hahhaa. i'm bored with the standard template. but if i'm bored with this one i can still revert it back to normal! *i should have concentrate on html classes in uni* haha.

  3. heheheh ko kena upgrade template,because this one byk widget hilang dan tak support