Friday, September 5, 2008

Proton Savvy Sucks!

i hate PROTON.
but i have no choice. :(

I dont have enough money to buy other brands, proton and perodua are the only cars that i can afford. :(

Why dont i buy cars from Perodua?
because their cars are small and i need a sedan since i've married and thinking of starting a family. so i need a bigger car.

this is what i've posted to SAVOC forum.

hey guys..

just want to ask your opinion..

My savvy is still under repair after i've sent it in on 8th July 2008. Now is already September and my car is still under repair at Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara. Its been 2 months! and they still told me that they can't release my car with load and loads of reasons. FYI, i always send my car for service to Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara and no where else.

My savvy was really slow in terms of changing the gears and i felt that it is very jerky. more jearkier than before. This is after i've sent it for service of 40KM. After the complain, they told me there's something wrong with the ignition coil which will cost me RM800! i was furious and the faulty is not entirely my fault! i've complained about the jerking everything i've sent it for service and all they told me was IT IS NORMAL FOR SAVVY TO BE A LITTLE BIT JERKY WHEN DRIVING. at the end it caught me. I told them i dont want to pay the RM800 as they should detect the faulty parts earlier during service before the warranty expires!! they told me they will seek for help to get extended warranty with terms and conditions.

After 3 weeks of waiting, they told me my application approved and they've found a new problem on my gear system. i was like WTF?? they told me TCU (Tranmission Control Unit) is also faulty and need to be repaired which will cost me RM8000 to RM10000. They also applied for another application for extended warranty and i will have to wait for another 2 3 weeks for the application to approve. The time passed, and it was 4 weeks of waiting for the approval. After A MONTH of waiting for the 2nd approval, finally is approved. And yet, they told me 2 WEEKS AGO. They told me that they need to order the parts for my car and now is already 2 weeks as well. Order parts take so much time meh? stress So now on 5th September 2008, Its been 2 MONTHS since the last time i saw my car. i left my car at Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara.

So now, i dont know what to do, maybe its because i'm a women driver and owner, they just take advantage of me not knowing about the situation. Or maybe because i have no links or the people i know in Proton hence they just dont bother much about my case. This made me fed up of driving Savvy and thinking of sellling it off or just give it to my brother. No wonder people complain a lot of PROTON and how the service was terrible. I've complained to Proton I CARE, i've complained to Proton HQ but it seems no one gives a ****!! The person that i'm dealing with is Mr Kelvin from Proton Platinum Mutiara Damansara. I just thought that they just want my car to rot at their workshop. I've been taking taxis to work from Damansara to Cyberjaya everyday! angry

Is this normal? Anyone occurred anything like this before? Can anyone help me out by suggesting what should i do next? stress angry



  1. wah so long ar..until now ko punya kereta not yet keluar lagi..tell u what i try check 4 u k....kesian ko.but darling not all savvy suck ye..:D jgn marah ar...

  2. I am going thru the same problems as yours. My Savvy is jerking and the pick-up is slow. The Service Centre says that I have to change my ignition coil and spark plug which will cost RM850.00.
    It seems I can’t claim extended warranty because my car is 2006 model.
    I don’t mind paying as long as the problem is solved but I am worried about the Transmission Control Unit problem you are facing might happen to my car too.
    I don’t have 8-10k to spend if I have to change it.
    Have you got your problem fixed? How is your car now?

  3. I also going thru the same problem. The jerking became worst this few weeks. After checking problem came from ignition coil. The service asst. informed me the cause was that we not changing the spark plug every 10,000km.
    Is's so annoying because every 10K I send for service at their center They know this problem but yet they dont change it. Proton Suck many times!!!

  4. Hmm..dont be suprised! that is the std service quality you received from proton. Same with me, I also tired of sending my wife's Savvy to proton SS. Finally I DIY and it behave well todate.

    The Savvy had hard to start prob previously. I sent to SS at Glenmarie. They charged me RM400+..for changing spark plug and engine oil and they said they service whatever sensor that causing the problem and told me that they had cured the problem.

    Actually problem still persist. I've been back n forth to SS wasting my $$ and time but they are all hopeless. I've been complaining since the car was under warranty until the its expired but they just play deaf.

    Finally I decided to DIY and do my own research to find cure which was a success..It did save me $$ and take about 1 hr of my time on the weekend.

    Now trying to figure out solution the engine jerking thing n lost of power before parting my $$ to the workshop or SS. Word of mouth said it may cause by the ignition coil..Will see..

    Savvy it still a great driveable car but Proton service is a let down..

  5. Aaah..finally I managed to DIY & solve my wife's Savvy - engine jerking problem and lost of power.

    So before you send your Savvy to SC you might want to careful check it and you can save $$.

    I found 1 of the connector to the spark plug got spark leaking mark (short-circuited the voltage to body)that caused the spark plug not fire. This caused the car run with less cylinder which equates to less power. So after I patch this leakage with RM8 heat resistant epoxy glue the problem solve and my wife savvy back working to like new..

    My friend with very similar problem has to pay Proton SC RM500 to replace the coil part which SC claim was faulty. She regretted big time. reality if the coil faulty her car wont start at all..dont you think?

    Ok .I hope your Savvy problem solve as well after many months sleeping at SC..

  6. So sorry that u all got conned by proton service center. From my personal experience, NEVER visit Proton Platinum Service Center in Mutiara Damansara. They are excellent con artists. If u go there for service, they will come out with a bunch of extra unnecessary bullcrap "repairs". Yeah..that dude's name is alvin, not kelvin, if i'm not mistaken.
    Don't bash the Savvy, guys. It's a great car. Just that the fools in Proton have no ideal to service or fix it. After all, it's a rather unique engine (Renault). My Savvy used to jerk too. Yeah, it's a very very common problem for Renault engine. Then i went to a Renault engine specialist in Bandar Puteri Puchong, all problems solved. Cleaned the throttle body, modified the sensor..and voila..perfect condition til now (30k and going strong n zippy).

  7. Savvy hard to start can cause by dirty throttle body..less air into the system to cause the combustion. Rarely it's caused by coil or spark plug..unless they r really old.

  8. Hi there,

    I also got the same problem, IGNITION COIL!!!

    Now the problem occur again, for the SECOND TIME & LESS THAN A YEAR(i guess so, i lost the receipt)!!!!

    anyway, i attracted to Saffi comment about the leakage. Sure meh it can overcome the problem?? I rather to try your method than spending another $$$ to replace the coil, for sure the SC would only recommend to change a new one rather than consult or repair the coil, rite?

    Help me guys!!1

  9. Salam en saufi klu tak keberatan bg no contact en supa senang berkomunikasi tentang masalah nie sy pun hadapi br nie apa2 just me email to me at

  10. From what i've read and experience... It is not entirely proton's fault but rather the fault of proton appointed SC with their unreliable mechanics that to be blamed. It is unfair for us to judge proton for what have been done by these unreliable SC. In fact proton appoint these workshop/SC however it depend entirely on the professionalism showed by each SC and the quality of mechanics in each SC are the responsibilities of respective SC. Proton which manufactured the car will not take any responsibilities on the issues unless if they have to recall the car....furthermore I've own 3 Proton cars in the past...and they caused me little problems. I guess you need to know the levels of mechanics and quality of SC. This is true coz the quality of SC in Australia for proton are among the most reliable SC....based on reports and my own experience in Australia. In Peninsular you guys can actually choose which SC centre to go but it is not a previllage for us in the borneo. The thing is proton holdings need to monitor their SC closely because the quality of their car or any car depend on the aftersale service....coz the fact that all product made by man are not perfect

  11. I hate prton Savvy too.. Its been 2 years I have been living my life with savvy as I think It will save my petrol cost,but I was wrong... as we all know Proton is made to Cheat and charge money.. one small part of savvy is so expensive and now.. they say Timming Belt is Worth RM600!! Wat hello ur not even a world listed car la.. Just a Jungle car and ur charging RM600!! crazy! and wat bout sparc plug,try asking cheapest they will say is RM95 and when u ask y so expensive the only answer is it's Savvy(sucking blood car.. they are not stipud that every other persone haveing savvy is having ignition prblm.. couldnt they fix it right?? they just want money out of it.. And they want us to buy Malaysian Made Car!! to Hell with ur Cars!! its worst then an animal car!!

  12. I am the owner of a Naza Citra and Perodua Kancil, I am planning to buy a Savvy as second car this year because I want to give my 5 year old Kancil to my daughter. When I read all your comments, I'm so afraid to be the owner of a Savvy or any Proton Cars!

  13. Just now my savvy also faced problems. It hard to starts the engine frequently and faced less power so my car is like "tersenggut-senggut" when i'm driving..I think Malaysian made product was really sucks! How can they said "belilah barangan buatan Malaysia" when it was lack of quality like this. Just because we dont have much money so we dont have choice to buy the good one. FYI other foreign car much more cheapest than our local car if they dont charge 300% of tax for foreign and sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi there,

    I'm a Savvy owner, and also sell Savvy spare parts. If you have any problems with the car, for example the ignition coil needs to be changed, do look up for me.

    you can check out my blog,


  15. guys, any improvement on savvy new model?

  16. SC sucks savvy owner money

  17. Let's join my FB group and keep protesting...

  18. savvy really2 sucks and wasting money:P

  19. does this car(savvy)engine vibrates during gear change from 3rd to 4th gear.. i heard complaints about this

  20. Better buy an old Mercedes or Bmw 3series, if repair like that.
    Mercedes e200 1985 (Carburator version)
    Bmw 3series year 1985-1990

    i driving 30years old Bmw 5series E12 (Bought in 1997 less than RM10k driving till now).Total Repair cost+ SERVICE to date only RM6k.
    from calburator convert to fuel injection only takes 4days.
    Insurance still accept Fire&theft value at RM11K. Still profit!

  21. for 14 years, your total repair cost + service is only 6k. don't bullshit lah. I also driving BMW, and I'm in the BMW club. some more it's an e12, parts are very hard to find. it's good to have a sense of belonging, but not to exaggerate to much lah. It's just illogical. But one thing you are correct, it's the ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE.

  22. savvy is no probLem but the service centre is the probLem!!!!!

  23. I swear no more proton car in my dictionary, choose other car but not proton. For many years until now, there is no improvement in term of quality and service. Despite so many proton owner especially owner of proton savvy complaints, proton management seems doesn't bother to rectify the complaints. Proton owners being cheated, I appraise Honda and Toyota they are fast to take action if there is faulty to their car model, but Proton doesn't work that way, I don't know what kind of business mentality they are. Recently I changed a timing belt and service at Eon Gleanmarie, it cost me total of RM1700, damn surprise so expensive. What to do ? This car even cannot sell now, can sell as good as besi buruk. Proton, please wake up or just close down. We have been helping you for too long but yet no improvement.

  24. My Persona which is less than a year old got into Proton SC for so many times. Auto tensioner bearing - small prob but still ok. Rear brake making noise - fixed. Radiator got leakage on Penang Bridge... -fixed. Then few days ago the parking brake indicator is flashing, check the brake oil.. leakage again...sent to waiting to get new disc brakes replaced as well. Still have many minor problems but I am lazy to highlight all of them...Proton the best in world?...probably the company will die in few more years which this kinda attitude and crap quality.

  25. i am going through the same! i have changed the coil that cost me RM800 as well and now after 4 years of using i have to change the TCU (Tranmission Control Unit) which is going to cost me RM12,000.00. it is not our fault that the car is faulty and proton does not want to extend the warranty for me. help! :(

    1. We're facing same problems..what your next step sir. I'm a working single mother i have to sent my kids with my terible savvy sometime i feel not safety & confident when i'm driving with them..Buntu..stuck...jam

  26. emm maybe nasib kamu x baik la kan..saya ada savvy juga tahun 2005 till now 2012..x ada masalah pun, jgn mara yer.... peace

  27. im going through the same thing with my savvy. coil bla bla bla u name it. i have changed everything. i havent been using my car for 4 months now because of the gearbox. i kena 12,000 also! but now waiting for proton to check on it. i care should change their name to i dont care. stupid proton.

  28. Hi,
    I also currently using Proton Savvy. I bought it in November 2009. Now almost 3 and a half years already using the car. I bought it second hand actually. Before this, my car always got this Auto Lights coming on. The Auto Lights Sign looks like a gear or transmission logo. I think almost one year I ignore the sign cause I too lazy to go to the service center. Then I cannot tahan anymore. On the 24th April 2012, I sent the car to checked what's the problem. The mechanic said he also don't know. He said savvy always got this problem. He said must go Proton to fix the problem, maybe gearbox problem. He only change the speed sensor which cost RM150. And labour charge RM 20. So total RM 170. Then, the next day I drove the car, the Auto LIght Sign never come out. Surprisingly! But it was much jerkier than before, plus the mati engine still persist. So maybe I'll be sending it to proton. Just to survey the problem. If the cost is cheap, then repair at proton. But if expensive, just repair somewhere else. At least I got to know the problem.

  29. sokong...saya punya savy dari 2005 sampai sekarang masih baik lagi laju he he,tak pernah meragam..powerful car in categories ..

  30. if ur having problem starting de engine just go to any workshop and ask them to clean de sensor coz my mechanics said that de part got no protection fr dust dats y it if u wanna save money learn to clean it urself,save money n trouble

  31. the best way is pgi kdai sparepart bli brg n upah foreman yg anda knal pasang...kalo engine problem tuko angine starlet

  32. HI Guys,

    The coil can be baiught cheaper at normal part shop, which only not even 300. And it can be FIxed Manually by ourself.
    i am also fixing most of my savvy part by myself since it is easy and cheaper compared to having it fixed at proton.
    Need help for your savvy, call me = 014 - 9422186

    BUt now my Savvy is having a problem where the Control Unit is faulted. Is there anyome that know how to get a new one. Thay say Original from Renault will cost me mopre than $2000. Anyone have beeter suggestion and idea. will be happy if can get help.


  33. Same here... Proton car can still be considerably ok. but when it comes to the after service, u have to really find a reliable ones. Not every original parts are originally intended to be changed. get Renault parts instead. it'll survive!