Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In The Office on Raya's Eve

Here i am in the office on Tuesday 30th September 2008, a day before celebrating Eid or as we all know, Hari Raya.

This morning, when i woke up, i got this regret feeling of not taking leave today. Even my husband asked " Why dont you want to take leave today?" A simple answer "I don't have enough". I took most of it for my wedding. *sigh.

Here i am not in the mood for work and just browsing the internet here and there and voila! i've found this interesting article from PingMag

I love instant noodles. Not the soupy ones but the dried ones like Indomie Goreng. I had a tough time to prepare it since i have to boil the noodles and put it aside to drain it out, put into another bowl and mix it with seasonings. I remember when i was in boarding school and there were no stove to cook, all i use were boiled water and a plastic bowl. Once, i even pour the remaining hot water inside the drain by squatting (cangkung) beside the drain, and pour the water out. Sometimes, it failed and end up pouring all of the noodles in the drain itself T_T .

But look! The japanese invented this bowl here

You just need to pour hot water in the bowl, wait for a few minutes and pour it out by using the holes in the packaging! genius! All in one! One dry instant noodles pronto!

I would strongly suggest that Indomie Goreng use this packaging for their products. I will buy tons of them!

Why am i posting about instant noodles on Raya's Eve?


image via PingMag

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