Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Husband!

His birthday was suppose to be on 20th September 2008. But, i forgot to blog about it. You know me i'm not really an everyday up to date blogger. heh. Sorry dear!

Since it was on Saturday, after work we decided to go Alamanda for grocery shopping and booked a table at Manhattan's Fish Market for iftar.

I've always wanted to buy him a Guitar for his birthday present but he told me not to waste money :( Trust me, how many times i've tried to convince him and end up failing. He asked me to save the money for something else that is more important. I know birthday presents are suppose to be a secret but i dont want to buy and end up being scolded by him. heh.

Anyways dear husband, I love you. I know its the big 3-0 but hey, a lot of people say that you look younger! :P

Did you remember in year 2004, we promised to get married when i'm 26 and you're 30? We did it! hurray!

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