Saturday, December 6, 2008

i dont understand

sometimes things at work seems ridiculous. In my workplace, i'm surrounded with different type of people, different countries, different skins, attitudes etc etc. We looked like jars with different spices!

Not all people felt that way though. They can't mix around because of the colour of the skin, they felt superior because they thought that we asians are weak. because our country was dictator ed by westerners hence they feel superior. meh. its already 2008, come on! if you think you are too good, why are you here anyway? go and compete with your fellow westerners!

For example:

you are durian, you have very rough skin with sharp thorns to protect you therefore you feel superior.

i am an orange i'm smooth all around and there's nothing to be afraid of but deep inside the orange, the flavour is so sharp you will make twinch yourself because of the sour taste.

For durian? you are milky and soft inside! it is basically a weak taste.

Somehow i can just give examples metaphorically. I can't tell a lot about this matter as it is quite sensitive.

When you are in Rome, do what the Romans do.

When you are in Malaysia, do what Malaysians do - lah!

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