Tuesday, December 23, 2008

back to reality

don't really feel like blogging about the trip coz it wasn't like what i've expected.

upon arrival to the hotel, they told us they've upgraded the room to the first floor and i thought hey! that's a good start. i eagerly wanted to see the room and after a few steps, here we are! they gave us a room next to the reception counter! i was like what? then, when i enter the room, it wasn't decorated as what i've requested via email earlier during the week. i told my husband that i want to change the room and i was upset that the room was not decorated. how sad.

i have to personally request another room which they turn into the original room which is downstairs with no decoration whatsoever. so much for the first time honeymooner huh. and then i have to personally request for a honeymoon theme at the counter and they apologize for not getting ready my room and though that the other couple who are the only ones on honeymoon. They mistakenly thought that only one room that needs to be decorated. what the fuck.

i've been travelling quite a lot of times in my life, but this is not the type of holiday and yet my first honeymoon that i've expected!

However, the trip to the island hopping was a blast.

I personally think that hubby and i deserved another first time honeymoon at maybe bali? what say you hubby?

other than that. it was so and so.


  1. True, true...

    Another trip without internet connection and phone calls is highly recommended.

    Oversea would be Bali. The nearest would be Tioman.

    What say you wifey?

  2. lol hope u guys have another great outing ...

  3. Lama tak jumpa koreng. Aku teringin p Bandung.