Wednesday, June 25, 2008

kish kish

i'm getting married next week!

Saturday 5th July 2008.

sorry, i've kept on raving about my wedding.. i'm just so excited!
the preparations, so far its okay. it's just that i'm very very tired. my sleeping cycle is everywhere. every night i slept around 1am onwards. never before. it's just driving me crazy.

no reasons, maybe its the excitement. the wedding made me think a lot before i venture into deep sleep. when i think a lot, i sleep less. which is not good for my health.

now i am very very sleepy. and i'm hungry.

i wonder where is my future hubby to be.

sayang, it's lunchtime.. jom lah pegi makan!


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  1. tak sabq erk..sabaq nak tak lama dah...insyallah akan sampai aku disana..lama tak tgk ko...congrats