Friday, July 17, 2009

The final journey

2 weeks to August 2009! Search is currently on their final tour throughout Malaysia and the final concert will be on 1st August at Bukit Kiara. Since its like so near to my mom's will definitely go!

Me and hubby grew up with their songs since when we were little. I remember my brother sang Isabella in his room and tune up his guitar and strum the Fenomena song. Every karaoke session, hubby will always sing a Search number. Rumors said that this will be their final concert.... so sad :( For sure, we can't miss the legendary Malaysian rock band for their final awesome concert ever!

Thinking of buying the tickets online, but since we can only redeem the tickets the day before the concert at the venue, it is so troublesome. Called the organizers and will get the tickets tomorrow at KLCC. Can't wait!!

Update: Bought the tix!!! The ugly part is, we still have to redeem the tix at the booth on the concert day. Meh. What kind of stupid idea is this?

Buuuulaaaan maduuu di awaaan biruuuu...tiaaada yaang mengaaangguuuu!! yeah!

\m/_ [^0^] _\m/

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  1. aku pun layan jgk lagu2 search..dem ko dpt g warghh! nnt story kat aku k