Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogging from Bandung!


we are in Bandung!

It's 9.35pm and we are chilling in our upgraded room. They told us that the deluxe room are all fully booked so they upgraded ours to a room with a personal computer for free! (we purchased our package about a month ago) . They only allow 2 hours of free internet though.

Bandung is superb. We ate Sundanese food and it is super duper delicious! I thought it was a buffet spread but all you need to do is to choose your 'lauk' or the stuff that you want with your rice and they will cook it for you. good stuff.

Can't wait for tomorrow's shopping trip!

Above pic is the hotel's rooftop swimming pool. Geared up earlier to take a dip but they closed early for the water treatment. Meh.

The spa package is super cheap! couple's package of 2 1/2 hours massage is only RM165! awesomeness!!!!

oh ya, colleague texted me earlier this morning and told me i got the highest marks for the Train the Trainer exams! hurray! ;)

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