Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tour to the pyramid

Went to sunway pyramid yesterday.


they're constructing the pyramid 2 building and reroute the whole parking system. i got lost TWICE in the maze. sheeesh.

bad experience. dont wanna go there anymore.

me, kiki, syib and shamril wanted to go for buka puasa at nando's but end up eating at pizza hut coz nando's is fully booked. nando's? booked? never encountered that before.

oh yeah. bought a skirt and two blouses. it's been months since the last time i bought coloured clothes. its always be black to me ( i would solely blame to my company for that). so yeay! coloured blouses!

i'm craving for white chocolate raya cookies.


  1. aku pun tak g lagi pyramid baru..

    eh aku suka la itam..itam forever..itam itu menawan spt color kulitku hahaha

  2. I did a list of outings that we still owe each other :

    1. Steamboat dinner @ Sunway
    2. Fireflies @ K. Selangor
    3. Tea @ The Apartment

    Is there any more that I might have missed ? Holla me.