Saturday, November 10, 2007


me and kiki went to Nilai, Negeri Sembilan to buy stuff for our engagement gifts arrangement ( gubahan hantaran). We have decided to assemble our gifts with our creative minds ( i guess) and hey! it works! so the pic above is one of the boxes for the gifts on the kiki's side to me. mind you, this is not the final one, we will definitely touch it up until it become a masterpiece.

what's the reason? we both are pissed with the skyhigh price of service and renting stuffs that some of the so called 'designers' offered. damn. some of them even reach up to RM190 per gift! that's insane. its just flowers and boxes and you charge it with that price! damn! the stuffs that me and kiki bought in Nilai are only RM140 for 3 boxes, flowers, ribbons, gluegun, glue, butterflies and wrapping papers. those people are 'cekik darah' means suck up all of our money. we also thought that maybe we could establish our own DIY gift arrangements company. haha.

it was fun to do these things. we both love it! will post pictures on the complete gift set.



  1. Yay, that is my 'not yet done' masterpiece. A lil' bit of final touch will be added to spice it up! Yes, we both love it.

  2. buat sniri lagi jimat kan.boleh buat sesuka hati dan penuh kepuasan