Friday, May 29, 2009

Mid 2009!


its towards the end of may now.
1 minute passed while i'm typing this.
and i still can't believe that we are heading June already!
the semester passed like a blink of an eye..and i don't think i deliver my knowledge like what i used to.
is it because of time? or maybe unsatisfactory towards this place?

tons of 'plans' that needs execution but it seems after the whole day of squeezing out the juices from my brain i would rather stay at home and play 'Indiana Jones' Lego on my PSP.

while reading design related articles for the weekly read & research programme, i realize that i did not do things that i want to. i am working for the sake of money not interest. i want to be out there sketching my brains out for ideas (for myself i i ALWAYS sketch ideas for the kids). I want to scrap woods and spray paint for mock ups and for all that..

i need a space! both hubby and i need our own workshop. *sigh.
the luxury of living in a condominium.. and to think of it, being minimalism is not such a good idea really.

i'm off. not a good day to blog. the kids are swarming me for submissions.

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