Thursday, November 5, 2009

The awesome weekend has ended.

My brother in law, Pai had a wedding last weekend at my in laws in Sening, Kota Tinggi. Knowing that there will be a plenty of relatives coming, we assume it was going to a be a full house. Hubby suggested that we stayed at Desaru instead and have a quick weekend holiday in between washing the dishes and meeting the relatives.

So a week before that, i've been searching for a good hotel in Desaru. It was difficult! I know Desaru is no longer the 'hype' beach that everybody are talking about nowadays but come on..plenty of hotels and none of them have a proper website! sheesh!

I stumble upon a blog that mention about a refurbished hotel called Lotus Desaru. It was Impiana Hotel before but they changed the management and refurbish almost everything! Browse the website but it seems that its under construction we just gambled and head straight to Desaru without any proper hotel bookings (which is so not me).

After 1 1/2 hours of driving from Johor Bharu, the first hotel appeard on the entrance of Desaru was Lotus Desaru! yeay! So i told hubby to check out the price and maybe we should spend the night there since it looks clean and new. We were surprised that they are having a promotion rate now and all of the rooms are based on studio suites! 1 to 4 bedrooms! Ours was RM207 per night (as it was a Saturday) but the receptionist told us that weekdays is only RM184. For a one bed room studio suite, it was worth it! I'm not sure when the promotion ends though.

It was a great weekend, Desaru is well known for its super evil waves and we went swimming late afternoon around 5'ish and the waves actually knocked us over! All of us shrieked and excited as the waves went up high and pushed us towards the beach. Awesomeness! I can't remember when was the last time i had fun at the beach, even Phuket trip was not as awesome as this!

So let the pretty pictures do the talking will ya?


  1. Tengok the blue corridor/pathway/hallway, well the second picture, rasa mcam kat Miami!

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