Monday, January 25, 2010

In Memory of my dearest friend, Aizati Aziz :1st June 1975 - 24th January 2010

i have no words to describe how i feel at the moment.

i'm so far away to bid my last farewell to her.

its cruel to let me be here in Botswana when unfortunate events like this happened. After i received the news, its no fun here anymore. i stayed in the room, recite Yaasin for her, that's the best i can do for her.

she is indeed the greatest friend i've ever had. A good listener, a petite pro biker who rides a Ducati Monster, a devoted mother to her beautiful daughter, Nadirah, a loving wife to Luqman Lee, a dedicated lecturer and always share her experience with students and colleagues. Never failed to advice me whenever i needed someone to listen to my daily ramblings . Whenever i have problems and needed some advice, she was the first person in mind.

She supposed to be here with me in Botswana. A country that she longed to visit.. She couldn't make it as she already made plans for a biking ride to Thailand. She told me to take tons of pics so that she can take a peek on what Botswana is like. I even texted her when i was about to board to plane to Singapore and she replied "All d best!"

I will miss you dearly, my dear friend. I can't believe that i can't chat with you at your cubicle anymore and see your sunshine smile every morning when you arrive at the office with your riding jacket on and greet me with "psst.." or "oit." while i'm staring blankly at the lcd monitor or struggling to put my make up on.

I will always remember her advice, apa yang terjadi, semua atas ketentuan Allah. we just need to be stronger if anything bad happened to us in any days that we live.

Another one would be "Jangan marah sangat, if marah nanti hati jadi hitam..masa tu syaitan semua dok berkeliaran nak hasut you, if marah quickly selawat and don't look at that person directly or even better, wudhuk terus" That advice helped me, a lot.

To think of it, when i was told to go to Botswana, i quickly went to her and ask, "Should i go?" and she answered "Eh pergilah! this is the chance they gave you..i want to go but i've already made plans and you know.... *smile* " I was being a bit skeptical about the trip until i received the email for my flight itinerary and she went all excited about me going. No wonder in KLIA, i rasa berat hati sangat nak pergi... :(

Ya Allah, please make me stronger to survive the days without her.

Takziah to Luqman Lee and their precious daughter Nadirah Aishah Lee and her whole family.

Semoga Allah cucuri rahmatmu di tempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman. Amin.


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  1. salam,

    kak aizati will be remembered by us ,the 'survivors' for she is too dear to be forgotten..

    semoga Allah memberkati kak aizati dan beri dia kebahagiaan yang abadi...

  2. be strong Leila..You know, she'd want us to be so...

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  4. you and arwah were always great to me back in d faculty. u guys were my best listeners, especially arwah being my nearest 'neighbour'.

    she had always given me her motherly advice when things turns sour, and you will always say things will be ok whenever i was feeling down.

    although my time over there was quite brief, but i cherish our togetherness back then.

    i miss u guys...

  5. Salam this is nadirah aizati's daughter, today is my mother's daughter please remember her in your prayers. Thank you