Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Miu..

few days before my trip, we found Miu. she was very skinny, dehydrated and hungry. We brought her home and helped her as much as we could.

we sent her to the vet, she stayed for two night and the doctor mentioned about her having a really bad diarrhea. we just prayed for the best. The day i was suppose to fly to Botswana, the doc called, she didn't made it. =(

we brought her back to our place, bury her next to our dearest hamster, Pito hoping that they would say hi and be friends in the heaven of furry friends.

yes, i had a cat and her name was Miu. Although it was only for a few days, it felt like she was a part of our family at home.

how's things up there, Miu?

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