Monday, August 23, 2010

Aural Mayhem Project is Out Now!

Aural Mayhem Project: The Four-Way Split
Cover Design/Layout: Mohd Zaki Ali
Format: CD
Distributor: your.slave.state
Price: RM10 by hand/RM11 postpaid (Malaysia), USD5 postpaid (Asia), USD8 postpaid (World).
Pressing Info: 500 [hand numbered] copies.
Release Date: August 2010
Status: Available
Album Info: Unpleasant sound for pleasant people! Four massive tracks by four dronescape/avant-garde/noise acts; Neurotic Euphoria (Malaysia), Serigala Jahanam (Indonesia), Napalmed (Czech Republic) and Jerk Kerouac (Malaysia). Get ready for the ultimate ears annihilation!

a project by myself and dear hubby is finally out! ProCD y'all, not a typical CDr cheapo format. worth listening especially when you're pissed with someone or some organization and shut the world around you.


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