Monday, May 21, 2007

yeah. okay.


i am officially tired of blogging.

there are tons of stuff in my head that i want to tell you guys but it seems that i would rather keep it to myself. (finally?).

currently, i'm trying to be positive to myself and will try to have drastic changes that involves me, physically and mentally.

sometimes i think i'm not that strong to have drastic changes, it keeps on bouncing on and off. i'm just so tired of that. i will try to wake up in the morning, rather than thinking 'shit, i have to go to work!' i would try to say to myself ' alhamdulillah for another day of life'

it's all about being positive baby, positive.

although i'm kinda tired of babbling about myself to people who may read this page, i will keep on writing, if i feel like it.

i love myself.

i love mommy and daddy,
i love mak tah and my siblings,
i love my 3 darling nephews,
i love my friends,


i love him

note to myself:
stop being emotional..think thoroughly before you decide on something!

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