Thursday, May 31, 2007

Road block?

a few hours ago i was driving my car to the bank. out of the blue, there was a road block by the police for inspection. my colleague, who forgot to pull out the seatbelt was struggling to wear it while i slowed down the car..and yeah he managed to wear it..finally. i thought everything was okay but no, the police asked me to drive to the side. being all 'i hate being question by the police' i'm kinda feeling a bit scared but manage to put a cool face. i wind down the window and smiled.

police officer: " may i have your driving license, please?" cheekily smiled.

me: all panicky searching for my bag at the back seat but suddenly remembers that
i only brought the purse with me. * gave him my driving license*

police officer: "hmmmmm.." looking at my license for a few minutes...cheekily smiled "beautiful!" and smiled broadly and gave my license back to me.

me: smiled "well, thank you." put my license back in my purse..smiled again and
drove off.

well yeah...a compliment from a police officer. they made me pull over on the side of the road just to say that i'm pretty. hahaha.

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