Saturday, June 16, 2007



right. when was the last time that i actually post something that came from my heart. i guess ages ago? lately i dont have any urge to write anything. whenever i open up the blog post will be there till the end of of the work day. why? first i just dont feel like it. id rather keep it to my heart. but since today is saturday and i'm working till 1pm.. i'm lazy (again) to actually do my work therefore to pass my time (still got 1 hour 1/2 to waste) i'm writing my blog again. yeay.

let's there any interesting stuff that i can tell you guys...(rewinding events in my head) oh yeah..i went to this event last weekend. i have to promote london. why? coz my workplace are currently offer courses in london therefore they mail the parents and invite them to see a presentation and makan makan. i was there to assist the parents explaining how great london is and how wonderful the place is. yes..i love london. kl is plain boring...especially there are not so much design events going on. the design world in malaysia is practically BORING!!. that's why i become a lecturer.. couldn't find my future in product designing especially here in Malaysia. *sigh.

my sister gave me a 2003 Palm PDA. altho its an old model but i think its kinda cool. it has a camera as well! (its free so of course la its cool haha) i've been putting in datas of my expenses, reminders, addresses etc etc but at this one time i ACCIDENTLY pressed Yes for data erasing. FUCK. so now my PDA was left at home beside my bed for a while. darn it. i hate it when that happens.

What else. erm. nothing much. watched ocean's 13...watched Shrek waiting for Transformers..and Harry Pothead Harry Potter..what else..damn it. kopaklah my money....uhuk uhukkkkkkkkkk....

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