Friday, June 12, 2009

The Next Few Weeks..

It's going to be hectic!!
The assignment markings is only for a week! tons of work to do but yet i'm damn lazy. T_T

Congratulations to Ila & Daous, Eiaa & Udin for their newborn baby boy!! Gosh, everybody is getting pregnant and babies are everywhere! haha! For my girlfriends back in highschool, out of 6 of us, i'm the only one who is still enjoying the honeymoon period. Iqin, Seed and Ila enjoying every bits of mommyhood with their baby boys, Watie is still in progress waiting for the day to come and Intan just told the news few days ago. Its okay girls, i'll let you guys bake the oven first, when the day comes, my baby will be the youngest of all! haha!

I hope the mommies will make it to Ila's 'Aqiqah' celebration tomorrow, can't wait to see mommies and babies in action! (so that i can get a few tips to prepare). ^_^

back to work! @_@

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