Sunday, June 14, 2009

Virus + Heat = ?

Viruses are everywhere now. From the past few years, from chicken flu to mad cow and now swine flu or known as H1N1. The last news i heard, 11 cases identified in Malaysia and the ones infected were foreigners and locals who just came back from overseas. I'm a bit worried..we've planned to travel to Bandung in Indonesia next month and i hope that when the time comes, the virus will be gone.

Not only viruses though, the haze are coming back! The quality of the air in most capital cities are getting worst by days. Jogging in the park? not a good idea of getting healthy nowadays...should get a treadmill and watch True Blood in the living room would be a better option. My colleague is transferring to Botswana next week and i told him good for you! at least there are no heatwave there! they are approaching winter which is way much better than being here in Malaysia.

Those things makes me wonder, is our earth getting weaker by the minute? what is my contribution in making it better?

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