Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day job

Is working on a day job basis did not promise you a secure future? is investing in a so called easy money making scheme will make you any richer? well, i'm not a person who can easily convince people. i am the type who likes to work with people, yeah..it is a shitty political office shit there are bosses and stuff but still your income is secured every month and you will know that every friday on the end of each month you will get money. i've been hanging out with people who are involved in the new craze of mlm thingy and for them, having a day job means no life. you are basically attached and need to obey your boss and do your work from 8 to 5. as for them, they have no working hours, they can wake up like 11am and go search for people and convince them to join their forces. it looks fun and all, but are u guys sure that at the end of the month you will get any money? yes, for people who are already up in the pyramid but how about people who has just started? we need to invest thousands of ringgit and promised that it will double up within weeks but are we sure about that? no right? at least for me, having a day job, i will work my ass all day long but at the end i will know that my money is in my hands. at least, i know that i can pay up my credit cards, my car, my loan or whatsoever even though it is not that much. i would say that i like to be secure. i am not a business minded person, i am much of a people behind the work force. how shitty my work is, at least i could get some money to buy more black shirt and dresses. haha.

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  1. I think I'm gonna snatch that kitteh in suit pic and save it to my hard disk.