Monday, April 16, 2007



I have to read thick books in order for me to teach theory subjects. being an educationist is somehow very challenging. You are doing things twice. You LEARN and you DELIVER the content that you have learned at that particular period. So, its like doing things twice. When i was a student, all i did was input. The output part only happened at the end of the semester, whereby only written on paper. Who said that being a lecturer are all easy cheesy huh?

In my life, i have never imagined that i will teach after i've graduated. i always wanted to be a product designer. but still, i never manage to teach product design as well. i will always be in multimedia. *sigh.

so the area that i have taught so far... 3d animation, instructional design, intro to computer graphics, computer graphics and design, and erm. yeah. that's about it. in this new place. i'll be teaching mainly about research subjects called dissertation in multimedia and interactive design. and im not so sure about the other two subjects, project management and history of multimedia (which i hope i will not going to teach).. blah. all theory subjects..which i dont mind..really. i'm sick of teaching in i wanted to teach something that i can blabber about aka subjects that are so boring that the students will sleep through it. at least i dont have to practice before i go to class like classes that are software based. why? i wanted something new. i'm done with labs. haha.

yeah..need to seriously concentrate on reading now which the title is Human Computer Interaction by Jenny Preece. argh!

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