Friday, January 23, 2009

CNY Holidays

Here i am at home. Alone.

Thinking of doing some chores but all of a sudden i felt that this is the most suckiest festive break of my life. Most of the people at work was forced to be on leave from Saturday till Wednesday next week. It sucked. Usually, i would be grateful because hey you don't have to come to work. This time, nope. I just wish that i can come to the office and do work so that the time goes by so quick, hoping for 31st January 2009 to come sooner.

Me and hubby planned to go back to Kota Tinggi, hubby's hometown tomorrow. We've planned it for quite some time. Its been 3 months since the last time we've seen them. Sadly, it's all being canceled as they chose hubby to go to Lesotho for bloody 2 weeks. I'm happy that he's traveling and all but the time is not right. This is the only break before the semester starts and yet i have to spend it alone without him. I'm sure hubby is missing his family like crazy plus his darling nephew, Alif is turning 1 years old on 25th January. The family had planned to have a birthday party and can't wait for us to come back but nope, they have to celebrate without us first.
Don't worry Alif! we will bring you gifts and a large cake the following week!

Sucks. Really.

I miss you like crazy here, hubby. The 5 day break meant nothing to me without you here.

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