Monday, January 26, 2009

Tilt it and Shift it!

Since i have nothing to do in the holidays, other than catching up my tv series and entertaining my darling nephews, I came across with this site Tilt-Shilf Maker and had fun playing around with it.

I've always loved miniature models like the stuff they put in dollhouses, a bowl of ramen, little tiny cup with coffee and a tiny tuna sandwich that looked so real you probably wanted to eat it.

Something like thisand this

and this

Always amazed at people who can model tiny teeny cityscapes and houses made by clay or other materials and managed to make it looked so real. Well, since everything we can achieve by a photo plus some effects applied on it, we can have a photography of everything miniature look-a- like. Here are some pictures that i've experimented. Done quite a few but i think not all pictures came out right.

An awesome photographer by the name of Keith Loutit also managed to use the real lens (not edited) and compiled to make it looked like a live miniature world. Go here (it's worth it!)

and also an awesome flickr set here

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